Alison Michels

(512) 585-8883

Amazing Realty

13740 Research Blvd, Building G #1, Austin, TX 78750

Active in the Austin real estate market since 1999, Alison Michels participated extensively in the exciting growth and unique markets including Downtown, Central Austin and the Western Hill Country, among several others. 

Alison’s passion for real estate ignited while living and renovating downtown Chicago and was solidified in New York City during a 10-year Wall Street career. She is a Chartered Financial Analyst with an MBA in Finance, and has experience in new construction, renovation and real estate investing, in addition to buying and selling properties. 

Alison is committed to assisting others to ensure their real estate experiences are enjoyable, stress-free and fun. She builds and maintains client relationships based on collaboration, creativity and communication. 

Making a difference for people has been a lifelong pursuit in all areas of her life. Alison and her two teenage sons volunteer together within the community whenever possible. Leisure time is filled with a passion for travel, yoga, hiking the greenbelt with their rescue dog and just about anything with her boys, especially cooking or going to the movies.