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KXAN's Studio 512 

Our broker has been featured on KXAN several times to give some tips and tricks as well as some insight into the real estate market. Check out a few of our segments below!

Spectrum News 

Texas Tales Greet You at the Bartlett Bank Building

BARTLETT, Texas — Not far from Interstate 35, between Austin and Waco sits the Bartlett Bank Building. Built in 1904, the stories surrounding it are as unique as the building itself.

Historic preservationist Jennifer Welch bought the building in 2019, keeping its original woodwork and tile floor.

“So this is the original floor. So, the floral pattern, we don’t know enough about, but the Greek key pattern on the side is also another symbol of wealth,” Welch said.

Welch turned the building into a bed and breakfast after it sat abandoned for decades. The manager’s office is now the dining room; the teller’s cage is the kitchen.

“One of the things that’s so important to us is to preserve buildings and be able to tell the story of those buildings,” Welch said.

Real Estate Bees 

Our broker has been featured as an expert on the platform Real Estate Bees to give tips and updates to others in the industry.

The American Dream 

Our broker was the featured agent on season 6 of Apple TV’s series The American Dream. 

Texas Highways Magazine 

Our broker recently completed a historical renovation project in Bartlett, Texas that was covered by Texas Highways Magazine. Read about it here!

From a Bank to a Bed-and-Breakfast in Small-Town Bartlett

Bucolic is the first word that comes to mind as I step out of my car and onto a radiant, sun-warmed street in Bartlett on a lazy Sunday evening. Bucolic has several synonyms, including pastoral and idyllic, and that’s how Bartlett feels as I fetch my camera gear from the back seat under the watchful eye of a Siamese cat whose sleep on a fire escape I have temporarily disturbed. I’m here to meet Jennifer Welch, who converted the old Bartlett National Bank building into the Bartlett National Bank Guest House, a new bed-and-breakfast, as part of the Bartlett revival.

The Bartlett National Bank was established in June 1904 with $35,000 in capital. One of the officers of the bank was Bartlett namesake John T. Bartlett, who had a private bank that the Bartlett National Bank succeeded. The bank flourished alongside the town but, mirroring Bartlett’s fortunes, was buffeted by the Great Depression to the point of insolvency and closed in November 1934. The Bartlett Tribune wrote, “Organized by John T. Bartlett a half century ago, it has kept pace with the country’s development and has rendered honest and efficient service to thousands of people in this section. Its passing will be missed.”

The Weird Homes Tour 

The Weird Homes Tour is a yearly event in cities across the world that allows architecture lovers and aficionados of all things ‘weird’ to tour some of the most unique houses around. The Bartlett National Bank, a property we renovated, was featured during the 2020 tour. Check out a video we shot with the Weird Homes team below!

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